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* Clinically and dermatologically tested and with proven effect.
It may vary depending on the type of skin.

"A pretty face is the key to opening many closed doors"
(M. Saadi)

Rejuvenate your appearance in a simple way with the only cream in the world with an 10% Argireline content!

Exclusive formula

The active ingredient contained in INSTANT AGEBACK is Argirelin, the latest in the fast-acting cosmetic industry. INSTANT AGEBACK is the only cream in the world with 10% Argireline content, a non-toxic amine peptide, responsible for the skin's relaxing activity, safe and effective in the treatment of wrinkles, bags and dark circles. No more invasive stressful injections or treatments for skin and body. In addition, Argireline induces the production of new collagen, which strengthens and densifies the tissues. The powerful active ingredient is based on the most modern nanotechnologies of the moment.

Simple use with immediate long-term effect.

Apply a small amount (the size of a grain of rice) by rubbing lightly over the desired area. After just five minutes you will not believe what you will see: the signs of aging will visually diminish and you can face the day with fresh and rejuvenated skin. There are so many products on the market that report long-term studies under laboratory conditions, but they are not actually reflected! All of our products are certified and speak for themselves. From the first use visible and tangible results. When you need it, you will have an ideal partner to face any situation.

Smooth skin with total security.

With the incredible INSTANT AGEBACK formula, you will have at your disposal a product to visibly reduce wrinkles, dark circles, large pores and scars (up to 85% less, tested and confirmed by the DERMATEST institute). The effect lasts up to a maximum of eight hours. The constant use of the cream can lead to a reduction of the imperfections described above by up to 32% due to the high percentage (10%) of Argireline it contains. The effect may vary depending on the type of skin. Vitayes develops and produces in Germany according to the highest quality standards. The formulas developed by us contain state-of-the-art ingredients and active ingredients.

Discover the beauty in you!

He who has no light on his face will never become a star " (W. Blake)

Vitayes supports you on your journey to a healthier and more beautiful life. Our products will help you to have an immediate effect and feel more comfortable every day. We deliver what we promise, try it! The Vitayes philosophy: we focus on a few products to optimize all the know-how and the most advanced technologies and always be at the forefront. Our daily skin care and aging cosmetics are improving the quality of life for thousands of customers every day. Don't miss out on trying out some really innovative products! We will soon have other body products, including valuable dietary supplements that will complement our portfolio of products at your disposal.

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