PERFECTOR: 24 hours moisturizer with 15 sun protection. Intensive care for the face.


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PERFECTOR 24 hours moisturizer with 15 sun protection. Intensive care for the face.


From the German experience of Vitayes laboratories, Anti-Age Day Cream offers an innovative formula that, thanks to the active ingredient of Glycoin Natural, softens and smoothes the skin, unifying it and strengthening the tissues. Reduces wrinkles and micro-reliefs on the skin.


Stay fresh and young all day. The delicate formula with immediate action completes the daily care of the face. The extremely effective active ingredients, enriched with powerful peptides, help to visibly rejuvenate the skin.


Day cream / Face cream / Moisturizer:  the new PERFECTOR day cream from Vitayes accompanies you all day. The revitalizing face, neck and décolleté cream provides the skin with the energy and hydration necessary for the whole day.

 The miraculous ingredient "Glycoin® Natural": Glycoin Natural is a 100% natural anti-aging active ingredient and cell enhancer. Revitalizes aging cells, stimulates cell vitality, activates antioxidant enzymes and ATP synthesis. Improves skin elasticity and smoothness, increases skin thickness, and reduces burns and skin redness with just three applications per day. Glycoin Natural increases the metabolic activity of aging skin cells by 170% and skin density by 9,9% of maturity after just 4 weeks compared to untreated skin. Glycoin Natural is a GMO free ingredient.

 Highly effective active ingredients:  Enriched with powerful peptides, PERFECTOR Anti-Wrinkle Cream helps you visibly rejuvenate your skin. It provides 24 hours of hydration and, at the same time, has an anti-aging effect for a young, fresh and natural skin. Sun Protection Factor 15 (SPF15) protects the skin from sunlight and premature aging. The ingredients also provide a barrier against air pollution and harmful environmental factors.


Thanks to the immediate effect, your skin will shine with a vital and youthful light from the first application.

All Vitayes products are manufactured in Germany and have not been tested on animals.


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