PERFECTOR Anti-Age Night Cream, with hydrasalinol and active repair complex


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    • NIGHT CREAM- With this night cream, your face receives enough moisture throughout the night. Then the facial skin regenerates during sleep.
    • Active el natural mechanism of DNA repair- Every day, the skin is damaged, for example, by UV radiation from the sun. Perfector Nightcream repairs your skin cells while you sleep.
    • Protect the skin at night and it keeps it vital and robust during the day. Counteracts photo-aging induced by UV rays. This is possible through a special group of bifidobacteria of biotechnological origin, an absolute novelty and revolution of the cosmetic industry.
    • By Vitayes Anti Aging experts: Supports natural cell renewal and fights the signs of fatigue, as well as the first signs of aging of the facial skin. Helps reduce sagging skin and light wrinkles overnight. The enveloping texture provides intense moisture for healthy, fresh, fresh and radiant skin the next day.

    • VITAYES - Look Good - Feel Good: the new Perfector Nightcream complements the complete Vitayes range. The night cream is ideal in combination with other products from Vitayes advanced anti-aging cosmetics.

    • All Vitayes products are made in Germany are vegan and have not been tested on animals.


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